Jay James and Tommy Tanner
April 08, 2021 | Full Length Video : 17min 45sec

Tommy Tanner is a sexy young man with a killer smile and a body literally covered in tattoos. He emerges from the shower with a towel around his waist and drops it to reveal his pussy. He climbs onto the bed and spreads his muscular, hairy legs and begins fingering himself.

His buddy for the afternoon is Jay James, who gets onto the bed with him. Jay is a tall, good-looking jock, with smooth, pale skin and dark features. He’s never been with a trans man before, but he’s horny for it and keen to learn.

Jay encourages Tommy ...[Read more]

Jay encourages Tommy to play with himself. He’s a considerate young man who wants to please his new lover. He wants to see what feels good, so watches Tommy movements very carefully. His dick instantly starts to harden. He licks his finger and begins to play with Tommy’s engorged clit.

Tommy takes a vibrator and shows Jay where to place it for maximum pleasure. After a moment, Jay encourages Tommy to turn it up high, and the experience instantly becomes intense.

Tommy asks Jay if he’ll fuck him with a dildo and takes one from the drawer next to the bed. Jay obliges, pushing it slowly and carefully into Tommy’s cunt, then gradually drawing it back out again. He pushes it back in. Tommy gasps. He pulls it back out. He increases the pace. In, out, in, out. The pleasure is intense. In, out, in, out. Jay starts to thrust the dildo into Tommy with more force, imagining his own cock doing exactly the same thing. In, out, in, out, deeper, harder, deeper, harder…

Tommy throws his head back as he orgasms. An intense rush of sexual desire floods through his veins. Jay watches, fascinated, enthralled, deeply turned on.

The two men kiss passionately and Jay pulls his large, uncut cock out of his tight underwear, getting harder and harder at the thought of pushing it deep inside his new, sexy lover. The experience would almost certainly blow his young mind!!

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