Tyler Tanner and Luke Hudson
March 09, 2022 | Full Length Video : 25min 10sec

Tyler is everything you can imagine in a young jock. Lean, smooth, a bit cocky, and pulsing with intense sexual energy. Luke can practically feel the heat coming off of him before they even start locking lips. And once they do, Tyler’s excitement manifests in more ways that just heat!

Tyler licks down Luke’s body, taking his nipples into his mouth and feeling them against his smooth lips. Luke wraps his arms around Tyler’s body, feeling his strong arms and firm ass… all while Tyler’s erection practically breaks through his soft sweatshorts.

The two take ...[Read more]

The two take their time to get familiar and comfortable before taking off all their clothes. They’re in no rush to spoil the moment or to cum too quickly. But as soon as Tyler’s throbbing cock is out, Luke can’t help but dive his mouth down upon it.

Tyler helps Luke get all the way down, holding one hand gently on the back of his head. Luke can’t believe how thick the young jock’s tool is, feeling it stretch out his throat and give his gag reflex a real test!

Luke leans back in bed and Tyler watches as the cute boy’s legs spread, revealing his hairy, wet hole and hard cock. Tyler gets down in there, lapping and kissing every part of Luke’s sensitive spots, making the trans boy moan loudly in response. Tyler knows exactly how to trigger his pleasure center, getting him ready for a deep, bareback pounding.

Once he’s warmed up and ready, Luke gets up on Tyler’s shaft, riding him and taking him balls deep into his gut. Tyler is stunned by how good it feels, feeling his member get expertly worked over by Luke’s inviting hole. He could practically burst right then and there, but he holds back, letting his giant nuts bounce, trying to hold out as long as possible before unloading his jock spunk all inside Luke’s body.

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