Axel Black and Jesse Diamond
January 18, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 45sec

Jesse Diamond and Axel Black have grown comfortable with spending time together... so it’s no surprise that Axel wants to get back into Jesse’s hole whenever given the chance!

After their tongues get reacquainted with each other’s thirsty mouths, they strip down to their jocks. Jesse’s bonus hole is in pure ecstasy as Axel licks it thoroughly, making sure to wet every fold of the extra entrance so Axel can ease into him for a proper fucking. Jesse has a surprise for Axel; a nice long toy to fuck the top with before getting Jesse gets his own hole penetrated.

Jesse wrecks Axel's ...[Read more]

Jesse wrecks Axel's hole with his thick toy. Before too long, Jesse gets ready for his own pounding as he gets on his back in order to see Axel's face. Axel pounds that sexy, hairy hole mercilessly until he can’t hold it in anymore, thrusting his hard cock into that boy hole until he explodes in pleasure. The load drips out of that tight hole as Axel uses his cock to push it back in for one last pump.

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