Jay James and Tommy Tanner
October 22, 2020 | Full Length Video : 12min 49sec

Tommy spreads his legs apart to give Jay the green light. Tommy can see Jay’s cock rock hard and throbbing to be inside. Jay need only look down at Tommy’s wet, warm pussy to see that he’s ready and eager to be filled up. Positioning himself between Tommy’s thighs, Jay feels himself slide in Tommy’s amazing, warm fuck hole.

Tommy rides wave after wave of orgasms as Jay expertly works his cunt, pounding away at it from the inside while his hard clit gets teased and pleasured. He picks up the pace as Tommy tells him to go harder, drilling him deep and working up a load from his balls that aches to get out.

Once he reaches ...[Read more]

Once he reaches the point of no return, Jay fucks into Tommy’s pussy with intensity and passion, making the scruffy bottom moan with delight as he feels his partner come to the edge of his limit. With one decisive thrust, Jay knows he can’t hold back anymore, racing to the finish as he pours his cum into Tommy’s hole. Tommy feels it all as he gets full on seeded, satisfied and ready for even more!

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