Julian Waits and Beaux James
December 21, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 1sec

Gorgeous hottie Julian Waits awakens to find his throbbing boner pressed up against the perfect ass of FTM hunk Beaux James. These yummy, sexy studs cannot get enough of each other — all they’re interested in is going at it!

Julian’s tongue is soon buried deep inside of Beaux’s soaking wet bonus hole. Beaux really loves it when his fuck-buddy feels up his muscular body while they fuck. The FTM hunk is irresistible and Julian can feel yet another intense climax getting really close.

Beaux’s excitement level ...[Read more]

Beaux’s excitement level ramps up when Julian fingers Beaux’s ultra sensitive T-dick. The horny top rams his huge cock one last time into the extra entrance. The gasping, panting stud pulls out and leaves Beaux’s pulsating hole dripping and covered in his cum!

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