Jason Sparks and Beaux James
March 01, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 16sec

Jason Sparks has been waiting for the day where he can get another taste of Beaux James’ wet hole. So when he walks in the room, he practically leaps at the FTM star!

Jason pulls off Beaux’ shorts, and massages Beaux’ t-dick with his tongue. There’s no way Beaux can let Jason off without a taste of that throbbing dick, though. Beaux opens his mouth wide and makes Jason's fully-hard cock disappear; the back of Beaux’ throat pounded with each gulp of that sweet cock.

Jason, riled up, ...[Read more]

Jason, riled up, pulls Beaux’ legs up in the air to open that hot man-pussy for his incoming load. His cock hits the walls of Beaux’ hole as Jason starts to cum, dripping beautifully out of Beaux’ jock pussy. The only thing Jason can think of is the next time he’ll be able to fill another FTM jock pussy up like he just did Beaux’…

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