Tyler Tanner and Ari Koyote
February 01, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 56sec

Sizzling-hot twink Tyler Tanner isn’t in the mood to play around. His top priority is getting inside the luscious bonus hole of FTM dream-stud Ari Koyote. And it just so happens that riding Tyler’s huge, throbbing boner is Ari’s main goal!

After some steamy tongue-kissing, Tyler yanks down Ari’s pants and laps in the most heavenly of treats—Ari’s plump, juicy T-dick! Ari’s moans and gasps of pleasure pushes Tyler almost over the top.

Ari senses his ...[Read more]

Ari senses his moment to take control, so he pushes Tyler onto his back and mounts the desire-crazed hottie. Effortlessly, the FTM fuck-stud rides Tyler’s enormous dick like a gold-medal rodeo champion. Tyler can only stare in awe at Ari’s sexy, masculine form as the trans hunk plunges deep onto Tyler’s extra-long cock.

Tyler feels an intense orgasm quickly building. He puts the FTM hunk on all fours and quickiens his pace. The lean, smooth twink pounds that perfectly tight extra-entrance with near-wild abandon.

The seemingly never-ending cumshot Tyler blasts into Ari blows the FTM star’s mind. Both panting fuckbuddies are left with a wide-grin, and you will be, too!

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