Jordan Starr and Aiden Dean
February 27, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 2sec

Scruffy, handsome Aiden Dean is a show-stealing FTM trans star, and Jordan Starr wants to get in that spotlight! All it takes is a deep kiss for Aiden to pull off Jordan’s shirt, and that kiss is all it takes for Jordan to pull his big, long dick out.

Aiden grips the tall stud’s cock and strokes it, getting a feel for the meat he knows will soon be inside him. He quickly joins in getting undressed and drops to his knees to swallow Jordan whole.

Wet and hungry ...[Read more]

Wet and hungry from sucking Jordan off, Aiden lays on the bed and lets Jordan have a meal of his extra entrance. Jordan licks and sucks at it skillfully, getting the FTM trans hunk even more eager for a pounding! Jordan gets up and slides his cock into the inviting bonus hole, eliciting moans of sheer ecstasy from Aiden. He pounds a load into Aiden’s furry hole and leaves it dripping with a cum load—and it won’t be the last, if he has his way!

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